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1. How Quickly can I expect to move into a newly constructed home?
Under normal circumstances, homes built by KF Ventures have a delivery date
of 120 days from the date of excavation. Our quality construction team makes
the process of building your dream home pleasurable and timely. Your personal
sales consultant will be better able to answer this question for you with
reference to your community.

2. How will I be able to customize the home I build with KF Ventures, Ltd.?
Each floor plan comes with a list of optional items to customize your home
at an affordable price.

3. Should I sell my home before or after I find a new home?
It is up to you to determine when is the appropriate time to sell your home.
Check with your financial institution to get the solution that fits your lifestyle.

4. Must I wait to buy a home if I currently have debt?
Not necessarily. There are four major factors when considering an application:
your employment and income, your assets, your credit record and the value
of the home you wish to purchase. All these factors are considered when
making a credit decision. Please do not hesitate to apply.

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